Our Financial Philosophy

The world we live in is constantly changing and the way we invest today should be different than the way we have invested in the past.

The price of a stock or any other asset should represent a multiple of its earnings capacity.  The earnings capacity of stocks and other assets have increased dramatically the past few decades because of the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve.  Investors need to ask themselves: will the Federal Reserve be able to continue the monetary policy of the past?

Our clients expect to make positive returns in good and bad economic times.  Therefore, we constantly seek out and monitor managers with good track records in both good times and bad.  We seek out funds with limited constraints, which give these managers the ability to position the funds if they see trouble ahead.  It is our firm belief that fund managers are best positioned to make these calls.

We prefer to use fee-based investment platforms.  These allow access to institutional class shares that provide reduced management fees with no loads and no long-term commitments.